Vanguard Cylindrical Digital Signage Content displayed via columns of spinning LED columns must be 100% seamless, so that the viewer does not see any of the telltale left or right edge seams that will ruin the illusion of seamless cylindrical content that one can walk around in 3D as your customers marvel at your cylindrical new media advertising campaign developed by the RIA (rich media internet applications) development team here at WOWsignage.

WOWsignage New Media Content Production Artists have created seamless cylindrical new media content for all of the major Cylindrical LED Signage manufacturers. Like the industry-leading work we have done for the HDTV and HD Projector manufacturers, these e-Signage content creations are used at industry trade shnows and in retail environments to demonstrate what can be done with these unique new digital displays, and the new media that we created for Kinoton's cylindrical LED displays was even interactive 3D, which can be used in real-time as viewers walk around the larger than life 3D cylinder LED. Finally, WOWsignage has partnered with the world leader in Cylindrical Digital Signage Displays, Kinoton GMBH! | 913-972-1360 | Cylindrical Digital Signage | Cylindrical LED Displays