Kevin Mc Kenna [CEO] successfully provides digital signage advertising agency clients with innovative technology design, specifications and project management in all aspects of Telephone, Data, Audio, Video, Digital Signage, Networking and Security. He has been key in the design and implementation of many IP-style and wireless types of security systems for Corporate and government-related institutes. His designs allow clients to have peace of mind that results from a well-designed network. Often an advanced, "ambitious" solution is not readily available as an off-the-shelf product. WOWsignage, through Kevin's leadership, allows this to happen. With in-depth knowledge of computing, 3D, audio, video, and security, he is capable of identifying and designing appropriate interfaces to provide the networking solution required.

Wallace Jackson [CTO] is a leading new media content developer specializing in using client-side technologies and open source APIs to deliver interactive new media branded experiences in less than one megabyte of total data footprint. This ability, along with creating i3D Virtual Products and Virtual Worlds as well as TouchScreen BrandGames gives WOWsignage the edge in producing truly memorable digital signage advertising agency campaigns.

Brandon Lawrence [COO] is an expert in hidden cable and display positioning. Brandon began his career in analog TV signaling, and grew with the industry into the digital age. This knowledge, combined with his construction management skills and out of the box thinking, has brought our display presentations to entirely new levels. | 913-972-1360 | Digital Signage Advertising Agency | Partner Bios