Digital Signage Advertising will optimally be designed and developed to fit perfectly within the network's technical limitations and HD display capabilities of the installed digital signage network.

Interactive digital signage advertising campaigns will allow viewers to participate in immersive new media experiences via HD TouchScreen or newer Multi-Touch technologies.

Networked Digital Signage Advertising can provide additional design flexibility, as the user can follow ad campaign design elements throughout the digital signage network. Campaigns can be "Intelligent;" in-signage Motion Detection sensors can track the viewers proximity to each sign, and RFID detection can read RFID data, allowing WOWsignage to fine-tune the digital signage advertising campaign.

WOWsignage Digital Artisans can produce, create, design, render, animate, score, optimize and publish your digital signage advertising campaign. | 913-972-1360 | Sign Advertising | e-Signage Advertising Campaign Design