Digital Signage DLP Projectors now feature high-resolutions, have excellent contrast ratios, provide a bright light source that's computer-controllable; DLP projectors have dropped significantly in price recently.

Spectacular New Media artwork and campaigns can be transferred "onto" real-world objects such as architecture or for interior decoration "eyecandy" and futuristic landscape design elements using DLP or LCD Digital Projection Technologies.

Our WOWsignage Digital Artisans have digital signage industry experience creating dozens of DLP and LCD projection rich media electronic signage content productions for leading projection manufacturers from Japan, Taiwan, Canada and US.

WOWsignage e-Signage Network Technicians can install high-resolution high-lumens projectors that are designed to be hidden from open view, allowing the resulting lighting effects to instill awe in the viewer and add design elements or texture to architectural design. | 913-972-1360 | Digital Signage DLP Projectors | Projected Content