HD Touchscreen AdverGaming is the ultimate way to attract retail customer attention into any given product or brand. The viewer control of the branded experience, along with 3D, effects and competition, makes the i-signage experience fun and memorable.

WOWsignage Team Members created two i3D HD TouchScreen BrandGames for Tyco Electronics, in an amazingly compact 2MB of total data footprint! Viral...

The Next Generation of touchscreen is MultiTouch. Imagine having several mice on a PC, so more than one user could interact in real-time. Multi-touch opens up a new world of e-Signage based advergaming, as all viewers can interact simultaneously with content!

A Brand New Avenue for Digital Signage hosted BrandGames are the Virtual Worlds Environments, an extension of which is the MMORPG, or Massive Multi-Player On-Line Role Playing Game. An MMORPG could effect branding both in-store as well as via the web.

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