is a group of digital signage network executives who have over 100 years combined experience installing network infrastructure and producing digital rich media content which is ultimately utilized in public venues on digital signage hardware such as HD Touchscreens, LCD Displays, 3D Displays and DLP Projectors.

We Use Leading-Edge Public e-Signage Technologies such as HD 3D, LCOS, D-ILA, OLED, FED, LED, LCD, DLP, RPTV, TouchScreen, MultiTouch, Cylindrical LED Displays, Holographic Displays and Mixed Reality Applications, which allow i3D content to be user-controlled on-signage via external printed collateral such as Product Packaging, PostCards or Playing Cards.

See the RFQ section of our webite if you have a project that needs to be created quickly, optimally, affordably, and featuring the most leading-edge interactivity and graphics available in digital new media today. | 913-972-1360 | Digital Signage History | The History of WOWsignage