Interactive TV Displays also known as iTV Displays are the future of television entertainment in the modern 21st century entertainment room. Since WOWsignage is a developer of high-end iTV content and iTV User Interfaces, we have partnered with leading iTV Display manufacturers who are looking towards providing a compelling interactive television user experience to their iTV viewer customers.

Oracle JavaFX and JavaTV Development was our first partnership, struck with Sun Microsystems in 2009 regarding their innovative JavaFX and JavaTV programming language.

W3C HTML5 is a bullet-proof open source way for WOWsignage iTV Producers to deliver 2D/3D iTV content using standard iTV browsers or TV-based Internet Browsers.

GoogleTV with it's partnership with Intel and Sony will be one of the ways the WOWsignage Producers and Google Developers will deliver iTV user experiences to our clients.

ROKU iTV Platform Development allows WOWsignage iTV Content Development to cover all iTV and iDVD hardware products that utilize the ROKU iTV engine. | 913-972-1360 | Digital Signage iTV Displays | HD iTV Display Partnerships