Kinoton manufactures high-quality spinning LED cylindrical displays for digital signage retail applications. WOWsignage has partnered with Kinoton to create the most seamless, interactive digital signage content in the world today for Kinoton LiteFast customers internationally.

WOWsignage Digital Signage Campaigns for Kinoton LiteFast Cylindrical Digital Signage LED Displays leverage the best features of Kinoton's industry-leading cyclindrical digital signage product, including i3D, interactivity, holographic transparency (showing actual retail products inside of the cylinder for the 75mm LiteFast models), seamless 360 degree 3D animated, still, or video imagery.

WOWsignage has produced product demo content for every major cyindrical digital signage LED display manufacturer in the world, and has the most experience over the past decade producing seamless and interactive content for these types of retail digital signage displays.

LiteFast's Cylindrical LED Displays for Digital Signage Applications can be seen at our New York headquarters. | 913-972-1360 | Digital Signage LED Displays | Cylindrical LED Displays