Digital Signage Networks involve reliable, on-going delivery of rich media content to more than one HD Display.

The inherent complexity of the program code necessary to control and operate an interactive rich media e-signage network and all real-timecontent increases with both the number of digital signs and the amount of viewer interactivity within the in-store digital signage network.

WOWsignage Technicians can design, specify, source, install, configure, test and populate your digital signage network infrastructure in the shortest span of time and for the most reasonable price in the industry today. When you flip on the switch, your digital signage network will entertain and amaze your target viewer with the highest fidelity as well as the latest multimedia technologies.

Virtual World Environments and MMORPGs are the newest multimedia phenomenons; with HD touchscreens and clever i3D programming, this is the next level in digital retail signage and immersing the end-viewer in your custom branding experience. | 913-927-1360 | e-Signage Networks | Installing Digital Signage Networks