MXR Corporation's Mixed Reality represents the bridge between actual product collateral in the store and i3D virtual content within the e-Signage network. The printed collateral (packaging, flyers, postcards) can be used to control the interactive 3D content, which appears on top of the printed collateral in a holographic fashion.

VastPark is an advanced Virtual Worlds and MMORPG development platform. Some of WOWsignage artisans are listed as i3D developers for VastPark on the VastPark website. We can create virtual worlds, advergames and product simulations for the most compelling digital signage content available.

Magnetic manufactures 3D HD display solutions for the digital signage and i-Signage marketplace. We provide e-Signage business solutions for 3D marketing, 3D branding, 3D e-Learning and 3D product promotion.

CyberTouch manufactures HD TouchScreen and MultiTouch displays for interactive signage [i-Signage] and other creative e-Signage solutions for the digital signage industry. We can create anything from BrandGames to interactive 3-D product demonstrations. | 913-972-1360 | Digital Signage Partners | e-Signage Players and Software