Digital Signage Players also known as Set-Top Boxes are currently advancing to the level of a PC, with dual core processors and 3D OpenGL Engines.

WOWsignage Programmers can create a User Interface for your Set-Top Box so that your network viewers have the best user experience possible.

Our Advantage in this market is an ultra-compact data footprint and ultra-high image quality resulting in a reliable and smooth e-Signage Performance.

WOWsignage Partnerships with leading digital signage player manufacturers allow us to deliver impactive e-Signage experiences using any popular e-signage software and system hardware solutions. Visit our Digital Signage Player Partners section!

Our Digital Signage Producers can turn any modern electronic device, such as HD DVD Player, e-Book Reader, HD Touchscreen, DLP Projector or 3D LCD Display into a Digital Signage Experience! | 913-972-1360 | Digital Signage Players | Set-Top Box UI and UX Design