Digital Signage Production involves creating a User Experience [UX] that brings viewers into the e-Signage Branding Campaign using the most modern new media techniques and affordable open source eSign platforms.

Currently the rage in the industry, 3D Animation should be leveraged and designed to maximize impact afforded by the latest 3D Displays. WOWsignage takes 3D to an entirely new level via our impressive i3D [Interactive 3D] rich media content development.

Interactive 3D Digital Signage can add an aspect of visual exploration to e-Signage rich media content that has never before been experienced by the viewer. Designed correctly, a 3D Digital Signage Experience can add considerable WOW!Factor to your digital signage campaign, bringing viewers into the branding and e-Learning aspects of the digital signage content.

Our WOWsignage Staff has decades of experience 3D modeling, i3D programming, 3D animating and optimizing a data footprint for 3D, VR & Virtual Worlds. | 913-972-1360 | 3D and i3D Design | 3D Animation and i3D Content Design