Digital Signage Tablets such as the Apple iPad will allow the digital signage advertising campaign to be carried around the retail or business premises by salespeople and can tie into the mounted digital signage displays via modern wireless network technology.

WOWsignage Interactive Designers have experience designing content for both Touchscreen and Multi-Touch displays as well as portable devices such as HandPCs, PDAs, UMPCs and Tablets. Since we hand-code our interactive digital signage advertising campaigns rather than using popular "Drag-and-Drop" software development such as is used in Flash, PowerPoint and Dreamweaver, our content works much faster and more seamlessly between digital signage displays and tablet devices such as the Apple iPad.

Digital Signage Tablet-based Content uses the open source standards and languages that WOWsignage Producers have been using for the past two decades in new media advertising campaign production, so we have industry experience implementing ad campaigns. | 913-972-1360 | Digital Signage Tablets | Tablet | e-Book Based Rich Media