HD Disital Signage is now incredibly affordable, and of near film quality, at a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (Film is 2048 by 1366). HDTV products out currently offer Interactive TV chipsets and iTV functionality inside of the HDTV Display itself!

Interactive Television Display Technology allows our iTV Programmers to deliver digital signage user experiences both out in public on e-Signage, as well as via Consumer Interactive Television Displays in the Home, right in a viewer's Living Room.

WOWsignage HD Content Producers have been producing high-quality high-resolution e-Signage content for the display industry manufacturers for two decades. What sets our iTV content apart besides the clarity and wow!factor is the extremely compact file size or "data footprint" of the new media ad campaign. In the digital signage industry what this translates into is the ability to get high-quality results on lower-bandwidth (satellite, modem, ISDN, T1, wireless, iTV, ipTV) networks.

WOWsignage iTV Producers can craft a 3D digital signage advertising campaign that looks as good on the new iTV chipsets as it does on the digital signage network for your business.

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