HD DVD Digital Signage can now be created via any BluRay HD DVD Player that features the JavaTV or BD-J on-chip Java Engine.

WOWsignage JavaTV Programmers have been delivering new media digital signage advertising campaigns since Java 1.0 release.

HD DVD Player Digital Signage Networks can be designed, installed, networked and content optimized by WOWsignage digital signage technicians with a fast turn-around time.

WOWsignage JavaTV Programmers are currently designing an HD DVD Player Digital Signage project for one of the top content providers in the USA. JavaFX 1.3 currently has added a JavaTV specification to the vanguard new JavaFX language, which is quickly replacing the outdated Flash format along with HTML5 in the majority of new consumer electronics devices during 2010 and 2011.

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