HTML5 Digital Signage User Experiences can be created using clever scratch coding and open source software using TouchScreens at HD resolutions with incredible results even on iTV!

WOWsignage HTML5 Programmers create HTML5 New Media Content using less than 2MB of data footprint and using all of the client-side (Browser, DVD player or iTV display) "power features," including: audio, 3D, video, MySQL Lite Database and even a touchscreen overlay.

HTML5 Programming will allow us to deliver digital signage advertising campaigns to our clients that span the smaller screens of SmartPhones over to the medium screens of NetBooks and onto the film resolution HDTV screens in the living room via Interactive Television Display Technology currently the rage.

HTML5 Content Design is the most cost-effective way to deliver a digital advertising campaign on SmartPhone, eBooks, Tablets, NetBooks, PCs and iTV Sets using the same code. | 913-972-1360 | HTML5 Digital Signage | HTML5 Content Development