Interactive 3D or i3D, allows WOWsignage to create an interactive 3D virtual product simulation or i3D BrandGame that can be controlled by the digital signage viewer, or in the case of an AdverGame, the digital signage player.

WOWsignage i3D Programmers write code that allows digital signage advertising campaign content to be "rendered" using the OpenGL or DirectX 3D "Engine" that is in the Digital Signage hardware. Since the new media content is 100% text (code, data) this results in a 1000X smaller data footprint as well as an infinitely greater interactivity with the e-Content, since it is being rendered in real-time by the users interaction.

Interactive 3D can also be used to create compelling User Interfaces (UI) such as the one seen on the left created for Sony Trinitron Branding by one of the WOWsignage Digital Artisans. | 913-972-1360 | Interactive 3D | i3D Rich Media Content Development