Interactive Ad Campaigns for Digital Signage Networks provide a number of significant opportunities for cementing brand recognition, as well as an opportunity to collect customer product preference data and brand opinion related data.

WOWsignage Interactive Ad Campaigns delivered via touchscreen digital signage provide significantly more WOW!Factor than ordinary "ad broadcasting" signage and have a 100X smaller data footprint!

i-Ads allow our clients to collect product, brand and usage-related information from each customer who interacts with the e-signage new media software, be it a BrandGame, Virtual World Environment, MMORPG, e-Learning Simulation, i3D Product Virtualization or Acrobat 3D PDF.

Interactive Digital Signage Ad Campaigns are infinitely more flexible than a "linear" (non-interactive video) or a static (print) signage campaign. Digital content allows programmers to integrate internet, 3D, video, audio, mobile, user interface [UI] and imagery into a seamless, non-linear, real-time multimedia experience, and one that is 100% unique for each individual user! | 913-972-1360 | Interactive Ads | Interactive Advertising Campaigns