JavaFX Digital Signage has a number of important advantages for your digital advertising campaign strategy, including cross-platform and cross-device content compatibility. Not only can your JavaFX ad campaign application run on digital signage networks but it can also run on SmartPhones, e-Books, Tablets, Browsers, NetBooks, NoteBooks, PCs and LapTops.

WOWsignage JavaFX Programmers can create an interactive advertising campaign that is less than 2MB of total data footprint, runs on any network at high-speed, accesses databases on either the server-side or client-side, and provides a photo-real digital user experience.

JavaFX supports JavaTV allowing interactive TV or iTV applications for modern HDTV sets which now contain the Java Engine and allow compelling User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX) to be created by WOWsignage i3D Programmers. JavaFX is also supported on Google Android Devices and in Social Media APIs such as FaceBooks. | 913-972-1360 | JavaFX Digital Signage | JavaFX Rich Media Content Design