Mobile Signage Networks require a highly data-optimized stream of content to avoid "hiccups" in rich media playback.

Mobile e-Signage of one type or another is the wave of the future, seamlessly allowing two-way data-flow (collect viewer info/prefs, send/receive rich media), connection to the internet, wireless connection to product databases for real-time availability, and similar technically advanced interactive rich media content development synergies with the end-user experience. Whether it is mobile because it's on or in a vehicle (truck, bus, taxi) or because it's on a network of mobile smartphones, WOWsignage can craft a winning mobile campaign.

WOWsignage Technicians can install a mobile digital signage network in any fleet of vehicles, using today's advanced power efficient HD displays and wireless technology. Once that solid mobile e-signage network infrastructure is in place the super data-optimized content produced by our in-house new media content developers will keep your passengers entertained, informed and enlightened throughout the day and into the evening. | 913-972-1360 | Mobile Digital Signage | Mobile Content Production | Publish