User Interface Design is one of the critical areas that will determine the success of any interactive application. UI Design is even more important in the Digital Signage Advertising Campaign or iTV Development, as it is an opportunity to add significant X!Factor into the End-User Experience.

WOWsignage User Interface Designers create animated, interactive 3D UI Designs that are small in filesize, fun to use and explore, and which match the visual theme of the digital signage advertising campaign and the look and feel specified by the client Brand or iTV Platform Development.

3D User Interface Design has become much more valuable recently due to 3D displays, 3D games and 3D technologies that have emerged and which can take advantage of 3D in ways that add a spectacular result to the User Experience (UX). WOWsignage 3D User Interface Designers have been creating i3D UI Design for two decades (since the Amiga 3D PC) and have the the most experience in this area in the digital signage industry. Shown here is a 3D UI designed for the leading Hollywood sound designer. | 913-972-1360 | User Interface Design | UI Design and User Experience (UX)