Virtual Digital Signage content is possible due to the advancement of 3D and i3D technology over the past two decades. Immersive Virtual Worlds can be created via Touchscreen HD Signage, allowing viewers to navigate seamlessly through 3D space, immersed in photo-real 3D user experiences.

MMORPG or Massive Multi-Player On-Line Role Playing Games can be used via Virtual Digital Signage to deliver an interactive and immersive branding experience inside of the i3D virtual digital signage network environment.

3D Avatars can be created that guide and navigate users through the digital signage user experience, often providing e-Learning to the end-user. Avatars add greatly to the X!Factor that pulls in the e-Signage viewers.

3D Audio is also now a reality in many Virtual Worlds and MMORPG development paradigms, as well as in i3D BrandGame Development. Optimal use of the 3D digital signage 3D audio capabilities will set the i3D, VR, UX and UI content apart from the rest, especially via digital signage.

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