Virtual Worlds 3D opens up an entirely new frontier for networked digital signage, especially with the advent of affordable 3D display technology.

WOWsignage Virtual World Designers can create a 100% original custom virtual world environment for your digital signage interactive advertising campaign.

Advantages of a Virtual World include interactivity, e-Learning, objects of interest click tracking, social media networking, branding, 3D ads and 3D project placement.

WOWsignage User Interface Designers can create a touchscreen perimeter user interface design that allows digital signage viewers to easily navigate the virtual world.

A Virtual World User Experience is an order of magnitude beyond a traditional broadcast/linear digital signage viewing experience due to the interactivity and visuals that are available within a virtual world environment. Adding things like 3D audio into the digital signage ad campaign design can also add another level of wow!factor. | 913-972-1360 | Virtual Worlds | MMOG | VR | Virtual Worlds | i3D Content